>One Day in Buenos Aires Pt 2

>I continued on in my favourite city to see the old part of town – San Telmo. It has cobblestone streets, old buildings, tango, and antiques.

Bar Sur has tango at night. I hear it’s touristy, but I really enjoyed the music when I was there last time.

The antiques market is my favourite. I knew there was no way to escape alive without buying something.

I fell in love with these pieces of antique glass, meant to be hung from a chandelier. They filled me with artistic inspiration as I bought this entire bowl full at a dollar each. The colours were wonderful.

I took them back to the ship and decided to give some a bath. I felt really stupid as I watched the paint melt right off them. They were just clear painted glass.

Was I ripped off or is painted glass an antique thing?

My bag heavy with glass, I took the subway to Florida street to do some sweater shopping.

A lady sells Mate cups

This is the famous Casa Rosada. I hear that after Madonna completed the scene where she sang “don’t cry for me Argentina,” she cried because she thought she had done such a good job.

Florida Street is a walking street, and is is usually so crowded. I found some nice deals on sweaters and shirts, although has anyone noticed, some of those little shops have exactly the same clothes in each one!

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3 Responses to >One Day in Buenos Aires Pt 2

  1. >The street photos in this post are so nice! They’re even beautiful enough to be framed.

  2. >Dear Stacey. The weather looks SO FANTASTIC – i’m jealous! The old town looks beautiful. Big change from Antarctica!

  3. >Yes sadly, all the clothes are the same. Great photos!

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