>Uruguay and a Barbeque

>On the ship we get entertainers of all sorts, some big name broadway stars, some comedians, some instrumentalists, and mixtures of all the above. One of our good friends is harpist Shirley who has a disco harp show. It sounds a little strange but she is a really good player and her harp show is very upbeat. Shirley and her husband are from Uruguay and the last time the ship visited there she had a big barbecue for us all at her beach house in Punta Del Este.

We rented a bus to get there, with her name in the window. She came with us, as she was just performing on the ship, and we met her husband and family at her house.

Shirley’s Mum was frying some delicious spinach fritters

Jorge passes out empanadas

The barbecue is already lit. This is the best kind of barbecue, using real wood cinders. You can see the wood fire at the right, and coals drop from that and are raked under the meat. On the left is an oven.

This melty cheese is provoleta. It’s just Provolone cheese but is common around here to be cooked at barbecues. It is my favourite dish, so delicious. Usually they serve the whole round of cheese, but Shirley had these neat ceramic escargot dishes that made individual portions of it.

This is Chimichuri sauce, made by Jorge. It is so good and he added a little spice to it as well. It has oregano and other herbs mixed with oil, water, and a bit of lemon. This is a mixture that Jorge has had in the fridge and has been adding to for about 8 months. It is so good.

Look at the giant beers! The band was happy.

This is the inside of Shirley’s beach house. It was added on to since last we were there.

Jorge designs these metalworks.

Don’t you love the South American trash cans! They look so nice.

They rented some horses for us to ride on the beach.

They had 3 cute weiner dogs.

This was the desert. It was merengue and dulce de leche. It was so good and left a big mess.

The beach is close by. Last time I was here it was winter – but today it was summer and we all went to swim.

And finally we took a group photo.

The group was mostly lecturers and guest entertainers. Us kids from the band felt outnumbered.

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One Response to >Uruguay and a Barbeque

  1. >OMG! I am soooo jealous. I want to swim there.That was one mighty fine asado you enjoyed!

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