>Salvador part 1

>You may remember this samba parade from my video a couple days ago.

Leaving the samba parade down below, I followed some locals and walked up the hill to the old section of town.

The old buildings of Salvador are amazing, and the old city is a Unesco world heritage sight. The once wealthy city and its grand old buildings almost lie in ruins. Once upon a time, this was the capital of Brazil and the hub of the sugar and slave trade.

This coconut shaped thing is really a phone booth.

This big hill in the old town is one of the most magnificent scenes. More photos of it are coming up.

I guess Salvador is famous for its samba, and percussion shops are common and sell all kinds of goodies.


I bought a rain stick, although not as giant as these ones.

And finally a view from the old hill – more to come in the next post.

I explore the backstreets of the old town.

These two ladies are in traditional dress.

Hides were drying in the sun to make drum heads.

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2 Responses to >Salvador part 1

  1. Goofball says:

    >very colorful city

  2. >Again – I also love the colors and the buildings. One in the middle actually reminds me of an exact square in the old town of Biel in Switzerland. I visited it last march.

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