>The Mouth of the Canal

>At the mouth of the Panama Canal, all the ships wait for their time to transit the canal. Daytime transit preference is given to cruise ships, for the passenger’s viewing. The cost for our ship to transit the canal is around 200, 000 dollars.

Did you know they are widening the canal? It should be finished in 2015.

This is the Atlantic side, seen in the evening after we transited the canal. It reminds me of one of those Star Trek scenes from an intergalactic star base…

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2 Responses to >The Mouth of the Canal

  1. Shammickite says:

    >I love that huge baobab tree in your previous post! And the views of the Panama in your current post.A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!(It’s a palindrome… spell it backwards)

  2. R. Duckie says:

    >Unfortunately that palindrome is hard to get out of your head… I even found myself writing it on my music!

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