>St Maarten

>Some of these ports in the Caribbean just seem to be a cesspool of cruise ship humanity. St Maarten and St Thomas are prime examples. When 4 or 5 super ships carrying 3000 passengers each are all docked beside each other, these people empty into the towns and shops and it is so annoying. 

You can’t really escape the hordes but it is worth it to go cheap electronics shopping. I take my bike and try and navigate around them.

At the grocery store I tie my bike to a palm tree. This amuses me.

Some nececcities

I don’t have any pictures of the electronics shop. But I picked up one of the new little eee pc’s with 160 GB hard drive for $425 which I thought was pretty good.

The waterfront promenade

Isn’t this beach house adorable! Right on the promenade. St Maarten must be so nice when the big ships leave.

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2 Responses to >St Maarten

  1. >I know a Swiss Expat who spent a few months in St. Maarten. She loves it and wants to stay for the most part. I need to find you her blog once… and flickr pics.IT is beautiful, especially when you fly from island to island and beach to beach.. 🙂

  2. >i lived in a cruise ship town and it was very annoying when they would all empty out at once. Unless of course, you were trying ot get them to spend money.

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