>No Break in St Barts

>The next time we were in St Barts, I took the tender ashore to hang out with Sherwin on the pierside. He had been working there, standing in the hot sun handing out water and helping people since 8am. Getting the water and orange juice on the tender was an operation that started 6am.

I brought us a picnic lunch and waited, as his replacement was supposed to come at noon. We had noodles, salmon, rice, and sandwiches. I was hoping he would have some time to come to the beach with me.

At 1pm, there was still no replacement, but someone sent him a mystery lunch.

We speculated as to what it might be. We think it might have been a hamburger. I considered that to be a slap on the face, as everyone knows he always has a steak. He didn’t seem to mind. We gave it to some musicians from my band.

It was so hot on that pier, I went to shell beach to have a swim while waiting for him.

I looked, but didn’t find any more money.

Here I am back at the pier. At 2:30, still no replacement had come from the ship. I went back onboard. He came back 6pm and we had a 10 minute dinner because he had to run to work upstairs. He worked 15 hours straight that day. I was so mad they made him stand outside all day without a break or a replacement. I think the other guys thought it was funny. I had to hold myself back from marching into his manager’s office the next morning to tell her what the guys made him do. He never gets breaks like the other guys. We try and remember when he had last been ashore (besides working on the pier.) We count 3, maybe more weeks.

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4 Responses to >No Break in St Barts

  1. >I felt so sad reading the story about Sherwin and of course that is not right at all. Shouldn’t he be getting at least double pay in compensation for all of that?I love the pics and keep longing to see beach and sunshine like that where I can actually wear a t-shirt or suit and enjoy the warmth!

  2. >Sherwin is so hard working! I hope they give him a well deserved break next time. I also hope the tourists/passengers gave him lots of tips (as compensation for his good service, at least!).

  3. >Hey there Stacey! I’m back in bloggy land and also back in the arctic so it’s lovely to come catch up with the sun in your pix and your blog. It looks like all is going fairly well, other then the treatment of poor Sherwin!

  4. TorAa says:

    >I would have gone mad.Why do they treat him like this?Beautiful Photos as allways

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