>Some highlights from my Vacation

>I’ll bet you didn’t even notice I was home…. well too late, I’m back on the ship now. Here is a brief (?) photo synopsis…

It was a rough winter. I missed it, but got some winter farm pictures from Grandma’s camera.

(Another photo of Grandma’s I liked, taken early in the morning)

Yes we did visit the farm and I did play the ol’ Johanna and Grandma did, too. Grandpa listened.

Near Grandma’s house we find a strange concrete octagon in a park

And the best thing about it: was it a gravity station? I think the Dharma initiative was here.

Meanwhile, back at home the birds penetrate the fortress that is chicken wire. Grass seeds make tasty snacks.

And got acquainted with the new kitty, a true Curiosity Cat

We bask in the February sunshine

And I experienced snow one morning

We celebrate a family birthday at the Jamacian place downtown

(Jerk everything)

I meet up with some nice cruisers

I enjoyed my new GPS

And we tour Esquimalt in style.

(Military housing – it always had those colours)

Mum made chocolate covered strawberries for my farewell

(‘I get these everyday on the ship, Mum,’ I complained…)

I also had the chance to meet up with Expat Traveler and see some sights although I don’t think I brought a camera. Thanks Expat for meeting me I had fun!

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5 Responses to >Some highlights from my Vacation

  1. >I didn’t know you were home. Hope you had a wonderful time.Love the photos! Canada is so beautiful!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >One day we WILL make a meeting-up time, Stacey. Sooner or later but who knows where!!!

  3. >lovely pictures :)I wonder if you’ll ever post a little video of you playing piano? That would be great to watch too!

  4. TorAa says:

    >I’m really impressed by all these wonderful photos. I like the variations of motives, and not to forget the kitten, who happens to look like a twin of one of ours.PS. Tell me if your coming to Oslo, Norway. OK?

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