>Guacamole in Puerto Vallarta

>The best place for food in Puerto Vallarta is a place called PiPi’s. I plan to go there again if I have time.

The place is really popular and you might have to endure lineups, but it is worth it.

It is a bit of a tourist trap but I love it.

The traveling guacamole guy will set up a table and make guacamole right at your table, and you can choose how spicy you like it.

Shrimp fajitas are so buttery and delicious. I believe they arrive at your table flaming.

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4 Responses to >Guacamole in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Goofball says:

    >oh man, now I crave for some fresh guacomole…..must go and buy some avocado’s urgently

  2. TorAa says:

    >Guacomole is among the best I prefere from the Mexican “Cuisine”.And, the very good thing is you can make it as mild or strong as you prefere, when making it yourself.We have never been up to P Vallarta.On the Mexican Pasific Coast:Only at couple of times to Puerto Angel and the “hippie” Beach of Zipolite, some minutes away by car/taxi.btw. Next time in Oslo, give me a hint. We will bring you around apart from the regular Tourist path.e-mail:taaboe at yahoo dot noSince you are a very good photographer, you may visit at blogger friend of us (living close to our Summerhouse – 30 minutes):http://knipsognips.blogspot.com/And about 30-40 minutes away from Oslo.She present marvellous photos.Well, she writes mostly in Norwegian, but also in English.The main point is hers photos.btw. Expat Traveller, you know a person born in Ca that loves Montreux? OK? She was the first to comment my blog.Amazing. No she is living in Victoria, a place we would like to visit.If we have the chance, you know, Winter Olympics and Norwegians, when in the Vancouver area, wow, we would like to jump over.Have a great, and busy time.You know, I adore your travel blog,both by your fantastic photos and also your storytelling.(Excuse my English – I’m only a “Viking” – haha)

  3. >Oh yes, that does look amazing!!! I want some of those chips right now!1!So I guess it was well worth it… And yes Tor, I am aware and of course you are our number one fan here for Victoria.

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