Around Davao

Different styles of native huts in the park

This concrete church is built like an ark

A lady sells sections off a giant jackfruit

Speaking of Roosters…

I check out the grocery store in the mall – look at those huge bags of rice!

And equally small bags of flour – at home we would buy rice in about the same size

Water heaters, individual ones for the shower. A life saver found in fine hotels and fancy homes.

I enjoy cheesecake at the mall

And sip a Durian flavoured coffeee

And later we enjoy food at our favourite grill chain.

Crab rice and Kinilaw (Filipino sushi – raw tuna and onions and ginger and vegis in vinegar – this one has green mango)

Other items on my plate include seaweed salad, and sizzling fish roe (bottom left)

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4 Responses to Around Davao

  1. Goofball says:

    >I saw your test on bloglines but the picture wasn’t visible.

  2. >You are making me so hungry with such great looking foods!!!! Oh and that jackfruit… would never had imagined something so large….

  3. >Yummm, all that wonderful food makes me so hungry! 🙂

  4. >I don’t know how you are ever able to stay fit while around these food in the Philippines! I am missing kinilaw just about NOW!

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