>Crocodile Park, Davao

>Another highlight of Davao is the Crocodile park. On this day we drove there specifically to see it, with Aunty Inday, who also needed to stop by the big city to pick up her international drivers license.

We make a stop on the road to pick up some strange fruit. It’s called Marang

I had never seen this fruit before but it was an instant hit with me. I made an immediate pig of myself in the car. (I am spitting out the big seeds here..)

The Davao area is famous for fruits and in the airport I noticed a lot of people bringing back fruit to Manila. (in properly packaged little boxes I saw on the luggage conveyor belt)

Although a lot of people avoid Mindanao (the name of the province) because of a history of oh, terrorism, guerrillas, Muslim rebels and violence, the Davao area is very safe and they want to encourage tourists to come there.

This is just about as much as I saw of the seaside in my whole trip to the Philippines. I did expect to see a lot more beaches for an island nation.

We stopped for lunch here – this is where i saw the diving kids. Ignore the huge purple tentacle-y thing on the right. Again, I’m not hungry..

We stop at this “beach resort” for a swim. Nobody swims (except me). The beach is caged off by a fence and I swim in the pool. It is refreshing. Shocking everyone in a bikini (as everyone swims in their clothes) I sing karaoke. Inday and her son Earl are in the background.

We make it to the crocodile park just before dusk. It’s a little scary. ( I am taking the pictures through the fence..)

They have a whole assortment of exotic and dangerous animals here.

The Philippine eagle, a native to Davao

Sherwin poses with his Ex,

Some exotic birds you can put on your arm


And Ostriches make a funny sight – as they all turn their heads around to stare!

This one is expecting food!

Funny hats on these birds

This little guy is famous – he is the monkey-rodent-raccoon thing that likes to eat coffee cherries.
I think he is called a Civet. He picks only the best, ripest berries for his food. The coffee cherries pass through his system undigested and are picked from the droppings and roasted to make the world’s most expensive coffee. They were selling this coffee in Sagada.

After the crocodile park we go and have some dinner. A hungry resident kitty befriends me.

I buy it a saucer of milk. Later I learn it would prefer my food.

Fried rice

As it’s getting dark out, we stay at another beach resort for the night. Aunty Inday had to be at work the next morning, so we were to leave at 6am.

I think I was the only one up at 5:30. We finally hit the road at 8:30. We get breakfast on the road.

We take our pick. More tentacles, I am skipping breakfast again.

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3 Responses to >Crocodile Park, Davao

  1. Goofball says:

    >what does that fruit taste like?It looks like jackfruit a bit which I’ve only seen once in India.Maybe I see some more of this when we go to Bali this summer?

  2. Ginnie says:

    >It really is a cultural thing, Stacey, isn’t it, what we’re used to eating! Some things are more psychologically appealing than others! 🙂

  3. >Two of my most favorite fruits(is there ever such a thing as two favorites?)in the Phils is Jackfruit and Marang!! I can certainly pig out on one whole marang, all by myself, in minutes!Great trip. My paternal grandparents live in Davao but I haven’t been to this crocodile park before!

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