>Grand Men Seng Hotel – Davao

>On this day, Sherwin had to go to Manila to sign his contract and left me at the BS inn (“no firearms” – see the last post!) I was hoping his trip by plane to Manila would be over soon – but meanwhile I had to survive the heat of Davao – and the room at the BS inn looked like it would have been a good spot to perfect my rhythmic gymnastics routine. Or act out scenes from “The Shining”

Davao is a couple hours from where we were staying and the location of the airport.

So I checked myself into the relative luxury of the Grand Men Seng hotel. There are more expensive hotels in Davao, some real luxury ones, ranging from about $120 ++ per night. This hotel is unbeatable mid-range value for $50.

(By comparison, the BS inn was around $13 per night, for clean, giant rooms with cable tv and basic bathrooms)

I was a little embarrassed to tell his family I was staying here, (I didn’t want to seem too fancy) so I tried not to tell them.

I planned to swim in the pool all day and take advantage of their buffet.

When Sherwin called to say he had signed his contract I told him where I was. He couldn’t believe it! He took the next plane back to join me there and we had “Ihaw-Ihaw” (barbecue) around the pool.

More Kinilaw (Fiilipno Sushi) and he has Sizzling Sisig – which I thought was just sizzling pork bits topped with a fried egg. Turns out it is actually sizzling pork face bits. That’s good, because you can even buy it canned.

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