>Le Reve Beach Resort

>On our way back from Davao, we stopped and spent the rest of the day at a beach resort near the town we were staying. I am starting to get the feel for Filipino time – I guess this is being in a hurry for them!

The resort is called Le Reve.

It is quite nice although I did politely ignore the bag of garbage I saw at the bottom of one of the pools!

They were selling home-made mangosteen soap!

The resident turkeys were so funny. Gobble gobble gobble! We yelled at them.

This long slide was so scary!

We arrive in town later that afternoon, and before we get home stop for an hour of food, again! Then it starts raining, and of course we stay put!

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One Response to >Le Reve Beach Resort

  1. Ginnie says:

    >The way you have seen the world, Stacey, is enough to make anyone envious! You are so very lucky. I feel the same way but I haven’t seen half of what you have, by far!

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