Kobe at Midnight with no Yen

Japanese immigration formalities take forever. We were planning to go out at 9pm but couldn’t go until midnight. The ship docked at 6pm! We all had to line up and get our temperatures taken.

Here Sherwin is on the gangway as we finally got to go out.

Everything was closed, and we had no yen. We wandered around and looked at all the good food.

Finally I found a 7-11 with a bank machine, and we went back to our favourite all-night restaurant

This time we knew the drill and ordered out food from the machine.

Sherwin had the exact same fish as last time.

And I had the sashimi bowl and udon, with real wasabi!

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One Response to Kobe at Midnight with no Yen

  1. Goofball says:

    >they take your temperature? So if you are ill you can’t leave the ship??? wow. And if you need a doctor?ordering food out of a machine. Wow, it sure looks look better than what I’d expect from a machine :p

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