Silk Souvenirs from Thailand

This was my first purchase in Pattaya. I am a sucker for table runners (yes, Mum, me too) and this is the fourth table runner I have bought this cruise. It was$10 in the cruise ship terminal.

They were also selling beautiful silk Kimono housecoats in the terminal, all pattens and colours, for $15 each. I should have bought some yesterday while there was a big selection. They were popular, because when I came back today I had only 4 to choose from. The shopping lesson learned is always buy something right away if you like it! If you come back it might not be there again. Not good for saving money though.

I am holding another prize I bought ashore, a thai bed cover or whatever it may be. It’s very shiny and beautiful and was only $15 in town. How could it be that I paid $10 for the tiny one in the port and for only $5 more in town got this nice big one! When I got back on the ship and saw how nice it was I wished I had bought more for family and friends.

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One Response to Silk Souvenirs from Thailand

  1. >those ARE nice! and I love the green color too!

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