We arrived in Honolulu in the evening after 5 days at sea, our only stop in the 18 day journey to Hong Kong. We were so eager to go ashore as soon as possible.

I waited for Sherwin, as he worked serving drinks for the local show – the Children’s Hula School. It was really cute.

We went out to the pub on the pier, which just happened to be the place to be, with a live band under the stars.

The outdoor mall near the ship is nice, it is the Aloha Towers marketplace.

Look at this Hawaiian luggage!

We easily found what I was looking for – sushi

I had a cultural moment when I looked at these eggs and asked if they were regular boiled chicken eggs! I laughed at myself later.

We got out take-out, and picnicked on the grass.

The Aloha Tower is a lighthouse that has been a symbol of Honolulu Harbour and a beacon to ships since the 1920’s. It was the tallest structure in Hawaii for 40 years!

I didn’t know before that it is free to go to the top! Another thing learned through geocaching.

We enjoyed some great views of Honolulu Harbour and the Pool Deck!

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6 Responses to Honolulu

  1. >lovely photos, as always! 🙂

  2. >Wow – how beautiful! Really I’d love to go back there. MY brother happens to be on his honeymoon in Kauai right now actually…perfect time for this post.And a great tip to know about the towers!

  3. babesrose21 says:

    >hey stacey! thank you so much for welcoming us aboard. it’s my (and hubby’s) only once in a lifetime experience! you did so great! how very talented you are! sherwin’s so lucky to have you. you’re pretty, refined and gifted! hope to see you again. God bless ya!

  4. Goofball says:

    >that looks like a lovely relax place to be!

  5. Josh says:

    >Lovely photos! It sure it truly relaxing in Hawaii.

  6. Ginnie says:

    >Now THIS is a post I can relate to, having been to Honolulu twice now. But the next time, I will remember that the Aloha Tower has free access!

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