Finally, in Hong Kong

It probably seems like months to the remaining folks who read this blog, but about 10 days from Honolulu we did reach Hong Kong. The mistiness, er, pollution, of China was a welcome sight.

In addition to the air, my memory is a little hazy as it was really that long ago.

I left the ship early in the morning to go Geocaching – because it’s either that or shop. As I climbed to the top of the sea terminal parkade to find one, I found myself face to face with Sherwin, working a cloudy pool deck.

Poor Sherwin watched me geocache from the ship.

In search of more Geocaches I took the Star Ferry across to HK island (the ship is docked at the Kowloon side which is the mainland I suppose but still part of Hong Kong)

Ferry is on the right of the photo

Look, it’s a Junk!

Arriving on the Mainland, I start to walk to my unknown destination, following my GPS signal.

Hong Kong is frusturating to walk through because it’s not pedestrian friendly. Human traffic is channeled through overpasses and shopping malls and god forbid you should have to cross a road, there are even barriers up to prevent this. I constantly get lost inside the maze of shopping malls.

My first unknown destination is a lovely park and botanical gardens.

I see wildlife and a very beautiful flowering tree

There are some beautiful little fountains as well.

I set off for my next unknown destination, which I knew would be a Banyan tree. The GPS also gives me a little history:

“Preservation of this tree required the construction of a cylindrical structure with a diameter of 18 metres and a depth of 10 metres in order to contain the roots. The total cost was HK$23,890,227 and this is believed to be the most expensively preserved tree in the world!”

I got lost in a maze of shopping malls again and had to ask someone the directions to the shopping mall in question. When I got there I found the tree.

They had a funny statue near by.

As Geocaching is supposed to be a secret activity, I waited and waited for these sleeping “Muggles” to leave.

However as I got closer I realized they were pretty sound asleep and have been since the 80’s.

What a beautiful tree. I had to wait for 30 minutes for the caretaker to go away before I could retrieve the cache from inside the tree, but it was worth it.

On the way back to Kowloon I saw members of a Chinese wedding party

Back near the ship I ate a hotpot for lunch. The bowl is so hot, that a raw egg cracked on top cooks as you wait.

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4 Responses to Finally, in Hong Kong

  1. >Dear stacey. The haze in hongkers the only time I went there was horrible too.. Mr Moi got a terribly skin infection because of the combination of terrible smog and humidity. It was yucky!

  2. >Wow – your journey was so much fun to read!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun taking the photos… It still amazes me how much travels you get in during such little time span.. 🙂

  3. Ginnie says:

    >I think geocaching sounds like so much fun. Maybe one day I’ll get to do it…somewhere! I hope so.

  4. Shammickite says:

    >Geocaching… I’d like to try it but I haven’t got a GPS… maybe one day.Too bad about the mist and haze in HK.

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