One More Hong Kong

A morning with nothing to do took me through the shopping mall along the waterfront in search of some geocaches.

I like this juice bar and by the way they offer free internet! I had a ginger smoothie.

My walk took me somewhere I would have never found – the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.

I like taking these walks – the destination being the surprise.

I was passing these pieces of art, with wind chimes in each.

On the promenade there were more oddball pieces of art, and the strange weather – a feeling there was about to be a storm – added to the strangeness of this new place.

From there I could see nice views of Hong Kong island.

The geocache wasn’t anything spectacular, but the destination the important thing.

Later – or was it the next day – I went out in Kowloon with Sherwin

I am always shocked by the sheer volume of people everywhere.

We found a little sushi place where you pick your own off a conveyor belt

We even had our own dispenser for hot water to make our own green tea.

I like to look at the pearl jewelry

This is my favourite store

Look at these pearl rings, I love them.

These flamingos are in Kowloon park

This was the most bizarre piece of fashion I have seen yet. I thought it was terrible – a gentleman’s shirt worn as a dress isn’t a bad idea but look at the shape of that thing and all the bunching at the back. I wonder if it’s a runway trend gone wrong?

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