A Bike Ride to the Bund in Hazy Shanghai

The ship was docked in the HuangPu river – right near the Bund in Shanghai.

From here you can see old Shanghai,

And new

I dared take my bike to the Bund to look for a geocache there. I say “dared” because it was really the ride of my life, for my life. Next time I am cabbing it.

Sometimes in Shangai I get the feeling I’m in the old west of cowboy times. I think in a way, it is. It’s certainly a booming place and a new frontier.

I like to look at the old buildings and wonder about the history in the Port of Shanghai. If that building could talk!

Crossing this bridge I noticed these kites flying.

I couldn’t help but pay way too much for some. They kept up-selling me – more kites, more string..

The Bund is very close and is a sea of humanity. If I had known any better, I would have taken the “sightseeing tunnel” which takes you under the river to the big freaky buildings on the other side.

What a great vantage point to the Harbour. Nearly as good as the view from the ship! You can see the ship from here.

This is a typical soviet-style thing, I wonder if it’s the Chairman? I learn later it’s a statue of Chen Yi, the first Communist mayor of Shanghai.

One thing I have heard as a rumour about China, but never really seen for myself, is the following:

Chinese kids have a split in the seat of their pants so they don’t need to wear diapers. Amazing!

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