This was our lucky day in the fact that both me and Sherwin were off at 3pm. We love Japan and it was an unscheduled overnight in Nagasaki! What could be better.

Here is Sherwin at the foot of the pedestrian street leading to Glover Gardens.

We browse the nice little shops on this street, most of them having interesting little food and souvenir items.

Sherwin buys a steamed bbq pork bun – these must be popular as you can buy a stuffed toy of the same:

We find a tea shop and I can’t walk away without buying some.

You can fill one of these beautifully papered containers with toasted-rice green tea

I couldn’t resist these tea containers and compromised by buying a small one.

A geocache with some interesting information led me to this spot:

This intersection is called the triangle of prayer. To the front is a church, to the right is a Buddhist Temple, to the left a Shinto Shrine.

We turned left, towards the Shinto Shrine. I had never seen a Shinto cemetery before.

Here is the Shrine

And very nearby is the geocache – the small thing in my hand. It is actually somewhere in the picture above, although not seen. We signed the paper inside the cleverly hidden little container.

Continuing down the steps there are some nice little gardens as well.

This led us to the supermarket, which was the ultimate in fun.

We stocked up on dried seaweeds and to-go items.

We took a funny sideways elevator to the top of the hill, near the glover gardens. We had a picnic and I flew my new kite.

This is where the camera died. We later took a big walk through Chinatown (always wondering – how is it that we end up eating Chinese food in Japan and Japanese food in China?) We also laughed at the prices on that Chinese food! We nearly ate there but decided to go for some real Japanese food. We found one of those traditional places, with a private booth and tatami mats. I wasn’t planning on taking off my shoes at the door, because I had a big hole in my sock. We got a locker for our shoes and were showed into our own little booth. I got plum wine with a little plum in it, in a clay cup, and Sherwin got a giant beer with a tiny glass beside it. We sampled all sorts of nice food and we managed to squeeze just one last picture out of the camera.

*Footnote: I have to tell this story because it still cracks me up.

At one point in the evening, we were standing at an intersection downtown when all these Japanese fashion-girls kept walking by – except they seemed to not be wearing any pants! We missed a couple traffic lights because Sherwin was just floored by this. As we sat in a corner fast food place having a drink, we had a good view of the intersection and the no-pants girls kept walking by! Sherwin was just beside himself at which point he had a revelation. “You know what,” he said to me, “All these girls are going somewhere – and we have to find that place!”

I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my stool.

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2 Responses to Nagasaki

  1. >Dear stacey. Oh how lucky to have a surprise overnight in Japan! I love Japan 🙂 especially the cute souvenirs like the steamed pork bun toys. The hyaku-en stores are my favourite places to shop for such souvenirs. Oh and you've had me on a wiki-rampage to find out what all this geocaching is about. Sounds very cool.

  2. >No pants? Wow, must be your (Sherwin's) lucky day! LOL!Were you able to find where they were headed?

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