A Taste of the Med

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4 Responses to A Taste of the Med

  1. >I'm so jealous, would love to be on this cruise!

  2. Beverly says:

    >I just noticed your link on FB. I'm so glad that you've found a way to live off your passion for music. I plan to check your blog regularly and live a little vicariously through your travels. What is a geocache BTW? Is it a bit like a message in a bottle?

  3. Peter says:

    >It seems that Stacey doesn`t like very much to answer to the audience. Doesn`t matter for everybody how doesn´t know what these geocaches are:I found some importand informations on the hp: http://www.geocaches.com and also http://www.geocaches.de (only for the german-talking community). So perhaps this pages will exist in other languages as well.Greatings from the backside of the little yellow churchPeter

  4. Peter says:

    >Sorry, the correct adresses are:www.geocaching.com and geocaching.dePeter

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