Friends and Late Night Shopping in Shanghai

My friend Liz, who used to be a dancer on the ship, came and had dinner with me onboard the ship in Shanghai. She has a blog but has to post it by some tricky method as blogger is blocked in China. As a result I don’t think she has ever seen her own blog!

(photo stolen from Liz’s blog)

After our dinner, me and Sherwin came to check out their new apartment.

I have never been inside a Chinese house before so this was really cool. Their apartment was big and quite nice.

She had a nice collection of knock-off DVD’s and she gave me quite a few! I am terrible with movies and 1 month later haven’t watched any yet – although I plan to!

I met Konut the Chinese rescue cat – It turns out she is a rescue cat calendar girl! Konut had never been outside before and just the other day was marveling at the other cats through the window. Liz figures she thought she was the only kitty!

This was the cultural experience of the day – look at her stove which is built to hold woks.
But how do you make pancakes? I asked. She said she has tried but it’s not easy.

We came back to the port and Sherwin, who missed dinner, had some of his favourite crab.

As always I get a big kick out of the menu:

“Divination cowpea crisp stomach”

“Garlic Deer Velvet Baby Vegetable”

“Spend Clam”

After the meal it must be at least 1am. We go down the street to see some knock-off goods.

Look at these sunglasses with built-in earphones

Knock-off iPhone for $80 – $150

And other brand names, such as:




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2 Responses to Friends and Late Night Shopping in Shanghai

  1. >That apartment is beautiful and huge! You must be so surprised to see my very small flat when you visited!BTW, those brand-murdering is a riot!! I wonder though, how they get away with that without being sued or something…

  2. >those knock-offs ARE funny 🙂

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