Chan May Beach Resort, Vietnam

Unless you go to the Forbidden Purple Palace, the only thing to do in Chan May is hang out at the beach resort.

About a 20 minute bus ride away from the pier, the resort is very nice. I did blog about it last time. Although recently, I have seen some pictures of some very incredible resorts in Chan May.

The pool is so beautiful and inviting. There was a surprising lack of dubious massage girls today.

On the beach we are attacked with postcard vendors, begging you to help them by buying an accordion stack of postcards, and asking the question “Where you from?”

‘Canada’, I made the mistake of saying, as the lady sat down and had a very one-sided, 45 minute conversation with me in French. She must be a million years old, I wondered, when did the French leave Vietnam?

I have since learned the correct answer to the question ‘Where you From?’ when asked in Vietnam. The answer is ‘USA.’ This leaves them in a particularly awkward and icy silence, with nothing left to say. They usually walk away and I am not bothered in French.

This is the beach as seen from the safety of the outdoor restaurant.

This is the restaurant. The same one I went to 2 years ago with Valeria and Roque. Sherwin was lucky to get the morning off and you can see him sitting there by the water.

The restaurant had some amazing looking sauces and garnishes.

They were selling crab, $5 for 2.

We had never eaten grilled crab before but decided that this was definitely the way to cook them, they were delicious.

I got a seafood stew which featured more crab, and bamboo shoots which ruined the taste for me. We had to call some friends over to help us with the food.

Coffee with condensed milk

We ended the morning with a swim in the ocean.

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  1. >wow – the water is so tempting! And the crap, yummy! 🙂

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