Clever Ladies at the pier in Chan May

In the port of Chan May there is always a big souvenir fair on the pier. They sell ridiculously cheap things, a lot of marble which may be powdered and pressed, or plastic, as Sherwin pointed out that my prized green Buddha was.

Same as the green ones below – It sure fooled me!

This looks more Inca then anything.

The ladies on the pier were very friendly and it turns out they had a big new scam going on.

‘Where you from?’

I don’t know how many times I said USA. Finally I said Canada to one lady and they all circled around me. I get the feeling they had been waiting for this.

“Lady you help me – I have Canada coins – Loonie, Twoonie – you change money?”

This was so bizarre and I knew immediately what the scam was – but it didn’t bother me a bit.

They had around $22 dollars in Twonies, loonies, quarters, and smaller – and I gave them us $20 for them. Of course all of us complained and argued over the exchange rate, but this was so brilliant I didn’t mind losing a couple dollars. Do you know their scam yet? I will let you in at the end of this post..

I bought a beautiful white Buddha head that seemed to be really marble and I hope won’t pulverize in my suitcase.

World’s largest fan for only $4!

As I disappeared back to the ship, a new lady approached me. ‘Where you from?’

I thought, the secret’s out now. Canada

“Lady you have souvenir from Canada? Small souvenir I remember you – for Vietnamese girl?”

No I’m sorry, I haven’t..

“Lady anything, small coin, Canada coin, you show me?”

No, I don’t have any..

“Loonie, Twoonie, no have? Show me!”

I walked away smiling. How many Canadians tourists have come through the port, feeling touched by their cultural experiences and wanting to share something with these ladies.

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2 Responses to Clever Ladies at the pier in Chan May

  1. Beverly says:

    >very clever scam. Sell you the coins, then beg them back!

  2. >I think I missed part of it.. You traded $22 CAD for $20 USD. Bought something, then they ask you for more coins for them?Very interesting at that… You might need to enlighten me here.. But wow, what goods!

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