Saigon Nights

In between meals on the pier, I snuck ashore to find the only geocache in Ho Chi Minh city.

From the shuttle bus drop downtown, it was an entertaining 1.5K walk through the city. I love getting out and going for big exploring walks all on my own – exactly wherever and whatever I feel like doing.

I passed some very interesting sights – but hesitant to get my camera out, I finally did when I saw this cute little thing.

Street dining

Balut and Corn

Peace – I think of the heaviness of that message here.

Nearby was the most amazing two streets of outdoor restaurant I had ever seen – and this is the part that sucks about going out alone – because I wished Sherwin could see it too, and that we could sit down and eat there.

They had everything here, at the one I deemed to be the best one.

A closeup of the still twitching frogs (I will post a video of that tomorrow)

They had a wonderful selection of shellfish, crab and balut.

Shrimp towers

Rice paper rolls are probably the most famous Vietnamese food at home

The smoking barbecued fish looked absolutely delicious.

This family enjoys a meal there as I try and sneak a photo. Look at the upright fish, just like in Hong Kong

At another restaurant, I was taking a picture of this very interesting meal – where they all seemed to be adding whatever toppings they wanted and cooking their own soup. Until the girl on the left shouted out to me in a friendly and perfectly-Canadian voice – “You can take a picture of us if you want! I’ll even smile this time!”

Too funny! Here I thought they were locals! I should have stopped and talked to her, to see what they were eating, but instead I scurried away, red faced and flustered. Look at her smiling, enjoying her little joke on me! She seemed nice.

I finally found the park and I was a little nervous reaching into the electrical box to grab the cache..

But here it is, stuck with a magnet. As usual the highlight was definitely in the journey, which I would have never made otherwise.

I walked back to that market to have another look, and from there took a rickshaw back, purely for my own amusement.

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  1. Shammickite says:

    >Whata great way to spend a couple of hours in Ho Chi Minh City. I's extremely envious of your opportunity to see such interesting parts of this huge world of ours.

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