Ben Than Market, Vietnam

I had to wake him up early, but we managed to go ashore on that last day of Saigon.

We had american-priced coffee downtown in a Starbucks-style place. We paid US $10 for 2 designer coffees and a doughnut, with some dong as change (lying on the table)

Next we went to the Ben Than market, using half of those dong as cab fare.

I recognized the statue from the night before and realized that the amazing seafood street restaurants were a night time thing. I had logged the location into my GPS the night before and today it was like Brigadoon. If I hadn’t the GPS proof I would never have believed it.

There was still some street food. Baby birds are wok-fried.

I have been to this market many times (see my previous post) and am a little worn-out with the souvenirs – especially since spending $60 on the pier in Chan May.

I have learned my lesson about the fake Northface packs – after the ones we bought in China dyed everything black that I took to the Philippines.

But I couldn’t resist. I wanted a small day-pack. The one on Sherwin’s back would have been $5.

Turns out I bought this one, for $4. I love it.

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2 Responses to Ben Than Market, Vietnam

  1. Shammickite says:

    >I definitely do not fancy baby birds for breakfast, even if they are wok fried by an expert.

  2. >Dear Stacey. It's a cool pack, and here's hoping that the black stays where is should be! (PS those poor little deep fried baby birds!)

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