Pattaya, Last Year

I fear the giveaway might be the date stamp on the photos – but I found an unpublished blog post in my archives and what better timing.

A group of friends all went out in Pattaya

Here is the main.. drag Same scene, same creepy old guys and aggressive girls.

By the way if you are here with your husband/boyfriend, walk behind them! Sherwin was grabbed from behind and tapped on the shoulder and solicited by all the girls while I was walking in front of him! The nerve. As he went to buy a soda in the convenience store and I stood looking at some interesting nighties sold on the street, some drunk white guys staggered by and grabbed my bum! This is the kind of atmosphere there is here.

Some more interesting nighties

Street food

A VW van bar!

The King of Thailand

Everybody went for some Chinese food. Or was it Thai?

I liked the goods in the local 7-11

Our friends got a massage and then we all took a jeepney back to the ship.

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One Response to Pattaya, Last Year

  1. Ginnie says:

    >I could go for a massage right about now!

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