Cochin, India

The Asia season was finally nearing an end and our first stop in India was Cochin. I have to admit though, these pictures are also unpublished and a year old. I didn’t actually go ashore in Cochin this year. If I had, I probably would have bought a carpet.

We hired one of these things, on recommendation from a friend – who said that this driver was the best. He was! You might notice this one has a Swiss theme – this is because the driver was given this thing as a present from a Swiss guy, to whom the driver is eternally grateful.

He even let Sherwin drive the thing

We took a little tour of the city

The driver beeped at this little old lady and nearly ran her over!

We passed some sights..

We stopped at the obligatory carpet store, where the Driver gets a prize if he brings you there.

I nearly bought this carpet. As we drover away the shop owner was chasing me, yelling, “ok, ok! $700, we ship!”

I liked these tables, made from old doors. I wonder if they ship these also?



We briefly stopped at a Cricket game

Our Aussie friend in another tuk-tuk was the only one who knew how to play

A hindu temple

And more street scenes

A big church

And a pepper tree!

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2 Responses to Cochin, India

  1. Shammickite says:

    >Love all the details in the street scenes, so different from my small town in S Ontario!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >It's definitely a different world from what we're used to, Stacey. Those Tut-Tuts remind me of Amsterdam!

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