A Curried Lunch in Mumbai

After seeing the caves of Elephanta, we were hungry and went to our favourite (and only) Indian seafood restaurant. Plus, I had promised Sherwin his restaurant if he would wake up so early to see my caves.

We see a friend from the ship leaving a taxi and he helps explain to the driver where we were going. It was in reality only blocks away, but this was no easy place for him to find. He stopped at every corner and went for directions. This went on for 40 minutes. Sometimes I wonder if drivers do this for our pity so they get more tips. Would you rather tip a driver who had a very tough time finding the destination, or one who gets you there quickly? We gave him $5 instead of the usual $1.

Luckily for us the place was still open. We are ushered into the upstairs part, you can see the strange decor of the room in the photo below – it’s nearly a bunker with artificial windows.

First they come with the condiments, and I am reminded of Mexico because there are so many. The cilantro paste on the right was excellent. To the left are pickled onions and limes.

Some various sauces

I ordered this curry with paneer cheese which was excellent

Sherwin got his crab and on the right is a pomfrit (white fish) curry which is supposed to be famous. I could have done with just the cheese curry because to me the filling is irrelevant – all I could taste was the sauce!

Here is our table, with some Naan bread.

Our funny after-lunch mints (and seeds), which I am used to from Indian restaurants at home.

Of course in the terminal i was wooed by some more carpets. I finally bought a small one, betweent the two choices below I picked the one on the left, the tree of life design. Which one would you have picked?

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3 Responses to A Curried Lunch in Mumbai

  1. Goofball says:

    >oh next time we're in Bombay I'll have to ask you for the name and address of the restaurant. So it is not far away from the Gateway of India right?

  2. Meg says:

    >I like the tree of life design, too. Though both rugs are beautiful!My dad spent some time in Turkey (U.S. Air Force) many years ago, and he brought back two beautiful Turkish rugs–they are somewhat similar to these, and they've survived two kids, several cats and dogs, and a few moves, as well!

  3. Ginnie says:

    >I love curried food, Stacey. Indian food is soooooo good. Now you have my mouth watering! And good choice on the rug.

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