A Trip to the New Dubai Mall (With Grace, of Course!)

You might have seen my video already from the fountain at the new Dubai Mall. This brand-new mall is supposed to be the biggest in the world. I met up with Blogger friend Grace in Dubai, and after coming onboard the ship they took me to see this fantastic new mall.

I was fascinated by these things – have you ever seen them in parkades? Bumpers so you don’t smash your car – or the concrete.

The mall was a blur – it had a wonderful outside promenade area (where the fountain was)

The Gold Souq

There was live entertainment – an Ud player

And portraits of distinguished Sheiks

An ice skating rink

A harpist and a waterfall

Pristine met a Princess – actually she was some kind of live advertisement for traveling Austria or Austrian Air.

And there was the most amazing aquarium, which for an extra 10 dollars or so you could walk through this tunnel.

The mall was so fantastic I came back the next day and had lunch there.

Here I have lemon – lentil soup on the right, Labneh on the top left (a delicious and thick sour yoghurt) and fried haloum cheese on the bottom left.

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3 Responses to A Trip to the New Dubai Mall (With Grace, of Course!)

  1. Goofball says:

    >Hi Stacey,A lot of Belgian (european?) parkinglots have protective mousse or something on the corners of concrete pillars and in sharp curves etc.

  2. >it looks so entertaining, not shopping minded…

  3. >I didn't realize you took a lot of photos inside Dubai mall!

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