After our trip to the Dubai Mall, Grace and family took me out for sushi, yum!

The next night, after Sherwin finished work around midnight we went out to our favourite place.

However, something was wrong here. Not the same tasty Lebanese food. One look at the window and we saw the problem – the restaurant had turned Filipino! They cut half their Arab food and added Filipino specialties to the menu. I wonder if this is because they are situated right outside a popular Filipino night spot. Nonetheless, this did not make sense to me as Filipinos aren’t typically big spenders and the ones that did come after the club was closed only ordered tea. Funny how even Sherwin wasn’t excited by the advertised fare.

We tried some Arab food but it was a little bit lifeless. Such a change from the past years.

On the final day I learned that Crew got a huge discount on the Big Bus Tour of Dubai – you know, the hop-on, hop-off variety.

My view from the top of the double-decker

One of the first stops was the Dubai Museum.

Here they displayed a traditional desert house. Protruding from the top is a traditional form of air conditioning, a wind tower.

Here is the wind tower looking up from inside the house

Some interesting musical instruments inside the museum

This is for storing water

And a traditional boat inside the courtyard of the museum

We all stopped for lunch along the way, I finally tried this date milk and it isn’t bad! To emulate this you could probably put some milk in the blender with a couple dried dates.

I supposed this is made from that sour yoghurt I like so much, Labneh.

I know, I’m not supposed to take pictures of them.

But check out her feet

This was a not-so-appealing sign – RedSea Plastic Bags

Some other sights from the bus

This statue of a wind tower looked cool

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