Abu Dhabi

While I’m in the neighbourhood, here are some photos from Abu Dhabi – though we only got as far as the mall.

There is the mall, and yes, an Ikea.

Inside the mall they had every kind of clothing store imaginable, and everything else.

A misty fountain seems to be the ultimate display of wealth in the desert – water.

This can help you memorize the Koran

Signs direct you to a prayer room or the food court

I had some lunch

This modest mannequin isn’t exactly dressed for the weather. I guess they had to cover her up somehow.

We found a bowling place and went bowling!

Coming back to the ship I think it’s so neat how you can see in all the windows. Right above where the crew eat their food you can see the passengers dining in style.

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One Response to Abu Dhabi

  1. Meg says:

    >Whenever I hear mention of Abu Dhabi, I remember a Garfield cartoon in which Garfield threatens to mail Nermal (the world's cutest kitten) there. Looks like a nice city, though–very modern.

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