Swimming in Safaga

In Safaga Egypt, you can do one of two things – take a 3 hour bus ride to the Valley of The Kings and Temple of Luxor, or lounge around at one of their many beach resorts.

Unfortunatley, the Germans seem to like to visit Egypt and this seems to drive up the prices – people are used to being paid in Euros. The first beach resort wanted to charge us 15 euros each for entrance only. This is even if we planned to buy lunch there! I decided to go to the hotel next door, where I heard there was a geocache on the beach. They let us in for free (we said we were just looking) and the hotel (Shams Safaga) was much nicer then the 15 euro one!

They had a nice pool as shown at the beginning of the post

Carpets are being sold in the sun

They had a really nice beach set-up on the Red Sea. People were windsurfing.

There was a geocache under this bridge.

Sherwin found it, but not before I stuck my hand in a hole containing a large and anrgy crab. Luckily Sherwin saw the crab as I thought it was the cache and nearly made a grab for it. Later Sherwin went back for the crab because the thought of it made him hungry. Wise crab, it was gone.

We swam in the Red Sea, just to say we did.

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2 Responses to Swimming in Safaga

  1. Shammickite says:

    >When I was in Egypt a few years ago, the hotel swimming pool was gorgeous but REFRIGERATED!!!! It was so cold it numbed my feet before I could get myself into the water!

  2. Goofball says:

    >you should try scuba diving in Egypt!!!!

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