Some more food and a Bat Attack

*I am trying to make the labels to my posts more interesting.

The food was so good in Aqaba that the next day we decided to go out and eat some more.

I watched date palms go by from the bus window. I guess these dates will be eaten, as they are covered in protective green mesh.

Sherwin with the Sultan

We picked the most famous restaurant, which I had a hard time remembering the name to when I realized that it was too obvious. Ali Baba.

I got a mint-lemon juice that was so delicious I ordered seconds.

I plan to make this at home one day. When I order a juicer online and when there is fresh mint in the garden. Mint is a pest but I hope I have enough one day to make a bunch of juice.

I also got an Arugula salad, with Labneh (like a sour yoghurt) Yum. That was enough for me.

They showered us with condiments, including some disturbing pickles (because they tasted so bad)

Sherwin got a seafood platter and the most expensive rice I have ever seen. I think it cost more than the seafood.

(the rice)

Altogether the meal was good but a little expensive, especially compared to the previous night’s feast for mere single digits.

A date palm outside the restaurant

After the meal we walked around and looked in some shops. To my relief, I saw many other bedding stores open in the daytime. It must be a thing around here.

Some exotic jewelry

This guy was very talented at making these inscribed sand bottles

I want the one that says “France”

When I complained that $6 US was a little pricey for magnets, the man replied, “Well maybe for YOU!”

The cheek. I wonder how some things can be so expensive in this country and some so cheap.

I was on a mission to find Aqaba Castle, where, incidentally, I did get attacked by bats. It was so hot we took a taxi the short distance there.

I have to confess, if it weren’t for Geocaching I wouldn’t have even known that an Aqaba Castle existed. But I was after that geocache inside the castle.

We managed to sneak in and out without paying. It was supposed to be free, but there were two guys sitting in plain clothes in the entrance, that claimed there was an entrance fee. I wasn’t sure if I could believe them.

Here are some beautiful inscriptions in the entrance hallway.

Climbing up and down the narrow passageways of the castle looking for the cache as quickly as possible made me feel I was in a strange video game.

I think this is the point where I got attacked by Bats. I was fine until they started flying into my head. Sherwin came running as he heard my screeches, figuring an Arab must have cornered me.

There is the giant flag, which makes it quite easy to find the castle. We made it back to the ship just in time.

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3 Responses to Some more food and a Bat Attack

  1. Meg says:

    >The bats would do me in–I just started working at a new school this week and there's a sign in my classroom that says, "Do NOT handle the bats!"I almost ran screaming.The castle looks amazing, though, and good for you and Sherwin, not paying those guys! Sounds fishy, to me.

  2. >Dear stacey. Wow, it looks very warm there! The castle looks great, perfect for a geocache hunt!

  3. Beverly says:

    >So where was the cache? I'm glad the hunt for it led you to a little adventure!

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