The Rose Red City (half as old as time)

While I’m still on the topic of Jordan-

Maybe you saw my post about Petra that I promised was to be continued..

Did you ever wonder what was beyond the Treasury?

Well, inside that building it looked like this:

Walking past the treasury there were many tombs on the hillside.

Simple as the above, or elaborate as the below.

We walked down what seemed to be a main street, with columns on either side.

There was an ampitheatre

We were in a big hurry to make it to the far-off Monastery before time was up.

You can catch a camel, if you want.

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2 Responses to The Rose Red City (half as old as time)

  1. >So beautiful! Now that is somewhere I'd love to be able to photograph and explore.

  2. Beverly says:

    >Wow! That is so neat! I'll add this to my wish list of places I'd like to one day visit. The land looks so barren! How do the people who live there grow their food? or, do they just import it from more fertile areas. Perhaps the land produced more in the time these builings were carved.

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