Back to the Wall (The Great One)

This time, not sick, and not on horseback, I decided to go on the Crew Tour to the Wall, for lack of anything better to do.

Lucky I did, because Sherwin surprised me, and went on the tour as well. How awesome! He was the envy of all the other guys he worked with. I teased them. “Sherwin’s coming to the Pyramids, too!” I joked. They got quite irate. They were really jealous. “Not fair!” they protested. “He gets the Wall, I get the Pyramids!”

It was a little bit of a bus ride from our dock outside of Beijing. A couple of hours.

Our bus driver had the most interesting flower tea.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t drinking and driving.

We had the most animated tour leader. She taught us Tai-Chi on the bus. Something about having a big watermelon and then cutting it in half.

Here we are at Base Camp Wall.

Before we even climbed we were served a giant meal with all sorts of interesting dishes. It was a little scary for me.

I ate as little as possible. I knew it would be a long climb with not much time to linger.

Sherwin has Chinese roots and was very excited to see the Wall. I think I was his personal photographer that day!

This section, across the road, looks very steep.

There were many TV shows about the Great Wall on the ship, and one of the theories was that there was no Great Wall at all – only sections built over time.

There are many opportunities for souvenir buying here.

This Chairman Mao teapot was the most Kitsch thing, only $10. I let Franklin have it.

I really liked this little magnifying glass for $3. I bought it.

How ’bout a Wall ashtray?

The climb suddenly gets very steep.

As we get higher, the wall narrows and changes materials.

Near the top it is a ruin.

You can see how high we climbed.

It is beautiful at the top. The air is fresh and cold and the Cherries have just bloomed. We wished we had more time to sit there.

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6 Responses to Back to the Wall (The Great One)

  1. Beverly says:

    >Wow. That looks like quite a hike. Do you change ships frequently? It seems like one day you're in the mediterranian, the next in China, the next in Europe.

  2. R. Duckie says:

    >Its all on the same ship! Although I am a little behind on my Blog.. We are currently in Germany

  3. Shammickite says:

    >Another place I've never been but would love to visit in person, however I'll have to see it through your eyes at the moment!

  4. Ginnie says:

    >That experience has got to be incredible, Stacey, ranking up there at the top of the top!

  5. good luck says:

    >how lucky you went the Great wall!! I love it too!

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