Yangon, Myanmar – or Rangoon, Burma?


I guess it depends on your Political preference. Or not.

Before we leave transit the Suez (on this blog, anyways) I have to share with you the pictures and stories from this magical land. Half India, half Asia, you could tell we were in between the two.

We had a laugh at this pilot boat. All the officers were crowded around the portholes in the Mess laughing as I ran to get my camera. I guess it really wasn’t so funny but I’ve never seen one so, um, well..

I’m always grateful every time we get a chance to go back here. It is such a strange and off-limits sort of country.

I enjoy the shopping – Nice Japanese fabrics – for $10 you can get over a Meter. These are worn plain, as wrap-around skirts for the ladies. A nice fabric is all they need.

To give an impression of the levels of poverty here – they still sell tapes in the music store. Which would be great in my car, by the way.

The Shewedagon Pagoda is visible here, a myriad of sparkling, twinkling mysteries..

There is no shortage of inexpensive relics to buy

You can get your Thai souvenirs here at half price.

Me and Sherwin enjoyed the lake

We had a nice little meal on the lakeside

19800 Kyats would be a little pricey – $20. Of course there was more food then pictured here.

This funny bird was in a small zoo nearby

We fed some nearby fish

We also enjoyed the Shewedagon Pagoda – more photos will be in another post.

One of my missions for this trip was to replace a missing geocache – and place it in this tree outside the Pagoda.

This involved a little Buddha shopping. Where oh where was I supposed to find a plastic Buddha? Never mind..

Here the poor salesmen hollow the Buddha out for me. I am to hide the Geocache inside that and place it in the tree.

Luckily as I walked away towards the tree I saw someone else to this an knew how to pull it off. She put the object in the tree, bowed down and worshiped it for awhile…

Ummm, yes so I did the same. Here you can see the geocache in the tree. I don’t think it lasted long there. No-one has ever found it.

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2 Responses to Yangon, Myanmar – or Rangoon, Burma?

  1. Shammickite says:

    >Geocaching seems like it could be an expensive sport if you have to keep shoppung for the things that you have to hide. And that's a truly enormous tree!

  2. Debbie says:

    >That blue bird is a cassowary. It looks small though. The ones I came across in tropical north Queensland in Australia were my height or bigger and were supposed to be very dangerous.

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