Myanmar, Day 1

On our way into Downtown Yangoon/Rangoon I was happy to see the obligatory chicken-truck.

As I walked from the bus stop at the famous hotel, I think I saw one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Since I was ahead of all the other crew walking in the same direction, I was unfortunately the first to see this, which I will never forget.

A naked infant was sitting alone on the concrete sidewalk. Shocked and repulsed at the situation and instinctively wanting to pick up that infant but not being able to… After a couple seconds of complete shock I noticed a brother sitting nearby, counting Kyat bills in his hands. It was really terrible. I don’t know what I should have done and I am ashamed to say I stepped over the infant and continued on my way..

The other crew who saw this as well noticed a mother begging not too far away.

A basic calling station

Some wonderful fruits for sale

And Bamboo wares

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One Response to Myanmar, Day 1

  1. Beverly says:

    >I can't imagine my kids ever just sitting there. I guess malnutrition helps to keep them unactive. I like the last picture of the cyclist. The first one of the last post is a great portrait.

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