The Shewedagon Pagoda, and all that Glitters.


I took Sherwin to see the Shewedagon Pagoda, as he has never seen it before. It was a hot day and the marble floor scorched our bare feet. It is best to get there before noon, but we weren’t able to.

With binoculars perhaps you can see the 1,110 diamonds and 1383 other precious stones that grace the top, and maybe the 76 carat diamond at the very tip.

Personally, I don’t believe that they are really there… or are they?

As they have for eternity, the buddhas sit and simply Be.

A Monk eats his lunch in the shade

A Man has a drink from the communal water cup

And we see this most intriguing shrine where people are drinking from the footprints of the Buddha.

(Sorry to that lady because we put our fingers in the water before we knew it was for drinking…)

There is excellent people watching –

You can see even the babies and children are painted on their face if they’re visiting the Pagoda.

I think this may be a relative of the tree the Buddha sat under while he was being enlightened.

What time is it, Mr.Buddha?

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4 Responses to The Shewedagon Pagoda, and all that Glitters.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >This are really amazing pictures, a document for that high culture so far away. Thanks again for he possibility to join the entire world with you.Peter (still behind the little yellow church)

  2. TorAa says:

    >I've never seen such a wonderful reportage from this worls famous site.Thanks for sharing both photos and words

  3. Beverly says:

    >My daughter loved these pictures. "Look Mom! A golden castle!" Thanks for sharing these interesting photos. It is great for us to 'travel' with you 🙂

  4. >Are these the pagodas in Thailand. Goodness, they are shiny… :DDo you think that the jewels and diamonds at the top of the pagoda are still there? What if they have been stolen already… hhmmm…

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