Kusadasi and my Turkish Favourites


Long time no Blog…

I am very busy, mostly with packing for my first long vacation in I don’t know when! As you can tell, my blog is about 3 months behind the times. I just had a really great tour in Iceland that I am eager to show you! But I guess you will have to wait. Here is one post to appease the masses so I can go about my packing. See you folks at home in one week!

I was eager to go ashore as soon as possible in Kusadasi – I love Turkish food, and the shopping, and a Turkish bath would have washed off all that grime from Asia. No offense.

But of course the first thing on my mind was finding that elusive geocache.

Pigeon Island is a nice little escape about a kilometer walk from the ship’s dock. It is a small circular island not far from shore, with a causeway leading to it so no need for ferries.
It is home to a few restaurants, a swimming/suntanning place, and a large old fortress. It is nice to enjoy lunch there and of course it’s free to walk amongst the ruins.

The geocache was found easily, somewhere in the ruins, but this is not important.

I took my bike to town in search of some of my favourite Turkish breakfast foods.

I finally found the elusive Burek, which usually disappears at noon. Below they have many varieties – but basically it is a breakfast pastry of different shapes filled with meat, cheese, or spinach.

I took a lot of Burek to go, for only $5. It was a big bag of all different varieties, which I was hoping everyone onboard would share my enthusiasm for (they didn’t)

Right nearby I found my other favourite Turkish fast food and sat down and had it for breakfast. I am not sure what it is called, but it is a flatbread filled with spinach and cheese. They cook it on a surface that looks the same as what you might cook a crepe on.

After this, it is time for a turkish bath.

I walk past the mosque to the baths. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the bath. I went into the beautiful little bath room with marble slabs and a white domed ceiling with light filtering in through small moon-holes in the dome. I picked one of the many running fountains to sit beside and soak myself, running water over myself with a small bucket, waiting for the lady to come in and wash me. When a giant hairy Turkish man walked in with another male, and announced that he would be the one to wash me, it was time for me to leave. I was pretty insulted – It had always been an only-women’s experience in the past, and no men entered the women’s side of the bath. I have no idea what they were thinking but apparently this bath doesn’t have seperate sides, which they told me I should have deduced from the picture in the brochure. I left that bath so fast, and can you imagine they asked me to pay for my 40 mins wait.

I got an ice cream to soothe the trauma. It is a special hand-made Turkish kind, which was quite gummy and I couldn’t really finish it.

And finally, for some shopping.

This man had a very interesting store, with all kinds of antiques and knick-knacks.

He had an amazing collection of old rings, some heram rings, and some from Sultans no doubt.

I really like the Turkish designed pottery and I have never seen hot plates before!

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2 Responses to Kusadasi and my Turkish Favourites

  1. Beverly says:

    >Welcome home! Your bath experience does sound rather shocking! I like the hotplates with the dark blue backgrounds. Did you buy one?

  2. >lovely hot plates for sure. I really like the designs..Oh I so need a travel break.

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