Maybe it’s because I’m getting older?

Maybe my Japanese friend knows I just had a birthday, because today after the show he presented me with a new variety of Stockings:

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19 Responses to Maybe it’s because I’m getting older?

  1. Beverly says:

    >That is a rather random gift to give a person!

  2. Shammickite says:

    >gigglea very useful prezzie, I think.

  3. >Your Japanese friend really loves your feet!

  4. Ginnie says:

    >HA! It happens to the best of us, Stacey. 😀

  5. >Definitely a cultural thing. Ride the bus one day and you might see this.. But I enjoyed Ginnie's response the best.

  6. babesrose21 says:

    >Belated happy birthday stacey! how are you doing?

  7. babesrose21 says:

    >belated happy birthday dear stacey! i hope you are well and sherwin too.

  8. TorAa says:

    >hehe – might be useful for a cold winter;))

  9. Goofball says:

    >Hey Stacey, what are you up to? On a vacation? Take care!

  10. babesrose21 says:

    >hey stacey! no blog updates? i miss them…

  11. >Hmm… belated happy birthday Stacey!Are you not fond of wearing stockings?Though I actually prefer the lace stockings, lol. 😀

  12. Goofball says:

    >Hi StaceyI'm happy to see you're back online, reading blogs and leaving comments. I hope you are doing well? Will you start blogging again as well? Take care!

  13. Goofball says:

    >Hi Staceyalmost a year of silence on your blog here. I hope you are doing fine!

  14. Betsy says:

    >Hi Stacey! I just thought I'd pop on over to see how you're doing and wish you well! I miss your posts!Are you still working on the cruise ship? Hope all is well with you and Sherwin! 🙂

  15. EFT Video says:

    >Stockings is a girl's must have. Congrats on having one! They come very handy soon!

  16. Goofball says:

    >Hi Stacey,how are you doing lately?

  17. Shammickite says:

    >I echo the comment above… nice to see you are back on line but we all miss your fascinating blog posts about your world travels!

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