The Falls Penthouse Suite

A few weekends ago I had booked some weekend jazz gigs with the military. I’m not a member of the forces and I guess they ran into some problems with this.. because I received a phone call saying “The Gig has been ordered to Stand Down!” Sir! Yes, Sir!

Which was a shame, really.. but then I got a call to volunteer to play for the Hospice Society at a benefit they were having.  They were hosting a Penthouse tour with the proceeds going to the local Hospice. This penthouse was at the Falls building in downtown Victoria. It was extremely spacious and my favourite feature was the gas fire pit on the landscaped outside deck. Here are some photos:

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4 Responses to The Falls Penthouse Suite

  1. Ginnie says:

    OMG. Can you imagine living there…or even spending a week there for some R&R!

  2. goofball says:

    oh I love Victoria,

    I was thinking of you today! I’m currently in Vancouver (flying home tomorrow morning after a 3 week Canada tour) and I saw some big cruise ship in the harbour and that made me think of you

  3. Goofball says:

    Hi Stacey, how are you doing?

  4. shammy says:

    Hi there, I guess you’re not blogging any more.

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