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Kusadasi and my Turkish Favourites

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> Long time no Blog… I am very busy, mostly with packing for my first long vacation in I don’t know when! As you can tell, my blog is about 3 months behind the times. I just had a really … Continue reading

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Through the Suez Canal, on to Europe

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They say the Suez is not terribly exciting, but we definitely outran the pirates to get there. Sand on both sides, there are still some interesting sights to see. People watch from the cool of the ship Could this be … Continue reading

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The Rose Red City (half as old as time)

While I’m still on the topic of Jordan- Maybe you saw my post about Petra that I promised was to be continued.. Did you ever wonder what was beyond the Treasury? Well, inside that building it looked like this: Walking … Continue reading

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Some more food and a Bat Attack

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*I am trying to make the labels to my posts more interesting. The food was so good in Aqaba that the next day we decided to go out and eat some more. I watched date palms go by from the … Continue reading

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Aquaba Nights

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As a result in a change in the ship’s itinerary, we stopped in Aqaba Jordan for an overnight. After we finished work, around midnight, me and Sherwin went out to try and find anything that would still be open. We … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi

While I’m in the neighbourhood, here are some photos from Abu Dhabi – though we only got as far as the mall. There is the mall, and yes, an Ikea. Inside the mall they had every kind of clothing store … Continue reading

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Snow in Dubai

Dubai seems to constantly be under construction. Here are some pictures and stories from last year when we were there. It’s easy enough to escape the desert heat in one of the many air-conditioned malls – and this one has … Continue reading

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A Classic

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One of the things I failed to notice at first in Dubai was the presence of the old QE2. I had meant to blog about it before – we met her a few times on her final voyage from New … Continue reading

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Don’t let the door hit you on the arse

A door in Dubai Museum

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After our trip to the Dubai Mall, Grace and family took me out for sushi, yum! The next night, after Sherwin finished work around midnight we went out to our favourite place. However, something was wrong here. Not the same … Continue reading

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