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Saigon Nights

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In between meals on the pier, I snuck ashore to find the only geocache in Ho Chi Minh city. From the shuttle bus drop downtown, it was an entertaining 1.5K walk through the city. I love getting out and going … Continue reading

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Explaining Geocaching

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A lot of people have been asking me – what is Geocaching. Sorry I haven’t had much time to answer. We have been putting up a new show here and in between that I have been trying to see all … Continue reading

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A bike ride and geocache in Nagasaki

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What better on that second day in Nagasaki then to do a little bike riding and geocaching. The first place I found is this park right by the ship. It was a hive of activity with Japanese schoolchildren and some … Continue reading

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Finally, in Hong Kong

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It probably seems like months to the remaining folks who read this blog, but about 10 days from Honolulu we did reach Hong Kong. The mistiness, er, pollution, of China was a welcome sight. In addition to the air, my … Continue reading

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I took my bike ashore in Kobe to explore and maybe find some more geocaches. It always takes me to neat locations. On my way towards the Kobe tower I saw this little shrine. Our drummer was alarmed by some … Continue reading

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