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The Falls Penthouse Suite

A few weekends ago I had booked some weekend jazz gigs with the military. I’m not a member of the forces and I guess they ran into some problems with this.. because IĀ receivedĀ a phone call saying “The Gig has been … Continue reading

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A pic from the new show

(That’s me on the piano)

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>Al McLean’s Awesome Hockey Tune

>A good friend of mine entered a song in Canada’s Hockey Anthem Challenge This is Al McLean’s Awesome Hockey Tune. You might know him also as the artist of the Cartoon in my blog here. You can also view … Continue reading

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>Mazatlan the Sequal : Mariachi Band Pt 2

>You’d think that in 15 sea days I would find time to write on this blog. It seems like we only have 5 sea days left, so I had better get going. I don’t know if you remember one of … Continue reading

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>The Music Censor

>The Crossing is going well so far. I don’t really notice we’re at sea, as I rarely go ashore anyways. There are a bunch of construction workers onboard, much to the quiet amusement of the crew. The construction workers are … Continue reading

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>The Mess

>Whenever I come home I can’t find anything amongst my boxes of souvenirs, clothes, hopeful home essentials and my million keyboards (and the lone accordion… I am always tempted to bring that accordion on the ship with me. Hmmmm…) Finding … Continue reading

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>White Christmas

>Check out this link, the singing reindeer are too cute!!

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>It it true? (what they say about Dixie)

> Another day at sea – with 10 sea days in a row, I am not counting. We might be somewhere in the middle of all those I am thinking. It’s best not to count – just exist day to … Continue reading

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>Song of the week

>I am having a lot of troubles publishing my pictures to this blog. I will upload them one day, to find they are gone the next. It is really annoying since i am paying 16c a minute and to upload … Continue reading

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>Renata Spaghetti

>Dexter just sent a link of myself on YouTube. We played this show a couple of weeks ago. You can’t see me, but I was musical director for Renata Spaghetti on this one. You can hear me on the piano.Take … Continue reading

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