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My Poor Neglected Blog

My Computer is terminally ill. After $300 in repairs it is seizing up, freezing, spinning the beach ball, and going to sleep and not waking up. Restart takes 15 minutes. Usually when it seizes up I am online and waste … Continue reading

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>Friends in weird places, mentally..

>This cartoon was sent to me by a musician friend of mine – he designed it based on a comment I made about a potential barbecue on my upcoming vacation. I had no idea he was so talented, or bored. … Continue reading

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>White Christmas

>Check out this link, the singing reindeer are too cute!!

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>A bunch of crazies..

>I seem to be surrounded by total lunatics lately. I just gleefully watched one totally loonie musician walk down the gangway on her way home. And now a crazy is trying to spam my blog. If this ever happens to … Continue reading

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>When we hit Miami I took a day to myself. That’s right, no piano tuner, no new musicians to show around. I went shopping. I love American shopping and their wonderful stores like Bath & Body works, Victoria’s Secret, Urban … Continue reading

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>A Feature, an Award, and Something Odd

>I have never been presented with a blog award ever in my life but the other day Grace from Sandier Pastures gave me one! Thanks, Grace! It’s pretty. It is an award celebrating blogging friendship that knows no boundaries, color … Continue reading

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>I really just hope he owns a sock company

>There is a Japanese man who cruises with us often who speaks little English.This man always on his own, and has one badly deformed foot so is always hopping around. When I recognised him last year at the ice cream … Continue reading

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>Dear Cilantro: I hate you

>Posted in the coffee shop where Jenny works: YOU PISSED ME OFF (a column in the “personals,” where people with anger management issues can vent about things like people cutting you off when driving) CILANTRO: YOU taste like soap ! … Continue reading

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>What??? I mean, Hallelujah!

>Is the world coming to an end? Is fire raining from heaven? No, it’s just the organist.It’s all of our worst nightmare, as performers, to have something go terribly wrong. Check out this Organist’s bad day on this audio clip. … Continue reading

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>The World’s Largest Christmas Goat

>Every year, the citizens of Gävle Sweden build the world’s largest christmas goat out of straw. This is their Christmas tradition. Unfortunatley for them, almost every year the poor goat gets burned down. It burnt down again last year, so … Continue reading

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