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>A Rainy Day In Russia

>A rainy day is perfect for a plate of Kasha, don’t you think? I’ve always wanted to try Kasha, and finally had my chance at my favourite fast food pancake chain “Tepemok” The Kasha must have been cooked in some … Continue reading

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>St Petersburg on the Solstice – the Photos

>I don’t know if you could hear any sound on the video I posted before, but my imovie program isn’t working just right anymore. These days it costs so much money to go ashore in St Petersburg. They have stopped … Continue reading

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>St Petersburg on the Solstice

>Actually, they’re just celebrating a Soccer win.. Stick with the video, don’t miss the 2 guys dancing and the 6 guys hanging out of a Lada.

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>Devoushkas, Brides and Street Toilets

>St Petersburg, Russia Devoushkas are a breed unto themselves, which I much enjoy reading about on this blog dedicated to all things Devoushki. It will explain to you all about Devoushkahood. The Russian word for young woman, being a Devoushka … Continue reading

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>Peter, Paul, and Vlad (and the Last of the Romanovs)

>St Petersburg, Russia As I said before, the ship supplies a wonderful lecture series that coincide with the ports we are going to. They are later televised, which is great for working stiffs like myself who don’t have the time … Continue reading

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>The Winter Palace Hockey League

>It was a beautiful evening in St Petersburg last Thursday, and I took a walk from the Church I wrote about yesterday to the Subway station to catch the shuttle bus back to the Ship. The souvenir fair is right … Continue reading

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>Church on the Spilled Blood

>St Petersburg, Russia The Church of the Saviour of the Spilled Blood in St Petersburg is probably one of the most photographed and painted. I do own a couple of souvenir paintings of it already, but couldn’t resist this darling … Continue reading

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>St. Petersburg – The Cemetary

>We went from Rimski–Korsikov’s apartment to his grave, from Dostoevsky station to Dostoevsky’s grave. I knew we were at Dostoyevski station when I saw old Fyodor himself sitting so pensively on the concrete block there. Right next to Fyodor were … Continue reading

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>A Trip to Rimsky’s House with Min

>I have a lot of posts yet to show you that I haven’t had time to write yet. I have uploaded pictures and havent sat down to write the stories. In this situation the pictures are at least a month … Continue reading

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>The Port of St Petersburg

>is a strange place, and makes me wonder if the country is still holding lots of industrial secrets. At times I have walked through it to the port gate. It is a good 40 minute walk, past scrap metal, strange … Continue reading

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