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The snowdrops are out! Advertisements

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The Falls Penthouse Suite

A few weekends ago I had booked some weekend jazz gigs with the military. I’m not a member of the forces and I guess they ran into some problems with this.. because IĀ receivedĀ a phone call saying “The Gig has been … Continue reading

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>Some highlights from my Vacation

>I’ll bet you didn’t even notice I was home…. well too late, I’m back on the ship now. Here is a brief (?) photo synopsis… It was a rough winter. I missed it, but got some winter farm pictures from … Continue reading

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>Butchart’s – The Japanese Garden

>I promise these are the last photos of the gardens and we will get back to pictures of grey old Northern Europe soon. This moss fills the Japanese Garden and when you touch it it smells like spearmint . Butchart’s … Continue reading

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>Butchart’s pt 3 – the rose garden

>It’s not in bloom yet, but still beautiful.

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>Butchart’s Pt 2

>Butchart’s Gardens is open all year round. It is still nice in winter, although there are not many flowers, but with Victoria’s early blooming season winter doesn’t last that long. At Christmas the gardens are lit for the occasion and … Continue reading

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>Butchart’s Gardens, pt1

>Butchart’s Gardens is one of the major tourist attractions in Victoria. For those of you who have never seen it in bloom, here it is: At the beginning you can admire their boastful hanging baskets New moss animals can be … Continue reading

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>Fleming Beach and the Work Point Barracks

>I took my country cousins down to the docks to try and find the resident seal. They had never seen a wild seal before. We brought him hot dogs. Although there was no seal, we had so much fun looking … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday, Dad!

>Cute dress!

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>Did you know…

>if you take a match and singe the cut end of a poppy before you put it in water, it will stay up straight longer in the vase. Thanks to Grandma for the info!

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