Through the Suez Canal, on to Europe

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They say the Suez is not terribly exciting, but we definitely outran the pirates to get there. Sand on both sides, there are still some interesting sights to see. People watch from the cool of the ship Could this be … Continue reading

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The Shewedagon Pagoda, and all that Glitters.

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> I took Sherwin to see the Shewedagon Pagoda, as he has never seen it before. It was a hot day and the marble floor scorched our bare feet. It is best to get there before noon, but we weren’t … Continue reading

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Myanmar, Day 1

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On our way into Downtown Yangoon/Rangoon I was happy to see the obligatory chicken-truck. As I walked from the bus stop at the famous hotel, I think I saw one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Since … Continue reading

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Yangon, Myanmar – or Rangoon, Burma?

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> I guess it depends on your Political preference. Or not. Before we leave transit the Suez (on this blog, anyways) I have to share with you the pictures and stories from this magical land. Half India, half Asia, you … Continue reading

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Back to the Wall (The Great One)

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This time, not sick, and not on horseback, I decided to go on the Crew Tour to the Wall, for lack of anything better to do. Lucky I did, because Sherwin surprised me, and went on the tour as well. … Continue reading

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A Monastery and the Cliff of Sacrifice

As if the walk/run through Petra wasn’t hot enough, when we neared the Monastery there was an uphill marathon of stairs. Some of us wilted on the stairs, turning back and waving the others to go ahead without them. Not … Continue reading

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The Rose Red City (half as old as time)

While I’m still on the topic of Jordan- Maybe you saw my post about Petra that I promised was to be continued.. Did you ever wonder what was beyond the Treasury? Well, inside that building it looked like this: Walking … Continue reading

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Some more food and a Bat Attack

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*I am trying to make the labels to my posts more interesting. The food was so good in Aqaba that the next day we decided to go out and eat some more. I watched date palms go by from the … Continue reading

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Aquaba Nights

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As a result in a change in the ship’s itinerary, we stopped in Aqaba Jordan for an overnight. After we finished work, around midnight, me and Sherwin went out to try and find anything that would still be open. We … Continue reading

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Swimming in Safaga

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In Safaga Egypt, you can do one of two things – take a 3 hour bus ride to the Valley of The Kings and Temple of Luxor, or lounge around at one of their many beach resorts. Unfortunatley, the Germans … Continue reading

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